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TEDxCopenhagen - Alexander Kjerulf - Happiness at work

Alexander Kjerulf claims that happiness at work is the most important factor that contributes to good careers, happy lives and business success.

http://www.amandagore.com - It is important to create an environment that people can be the best they can be -- the research shows that people want JOY in their workplace. Amanda suggests how you can create a positive environment or a JOY SPOT, make sure people feel they are making a contribution and that they are growing and developing.

6 Ways to Change a Toxic or Hostile Work Environment

Peter B. Stark discusses how you can fix a toxic work environment. Sign up for our newsletters,http://www.peterstark.com/signup/, for more information on creating a strong work environment.

http://www.amandagore.com Amanda Gore shares her tips on how to be emotionally intelligent at work. She explains how to get your team or co-workers to connect and how to deal with negative attitudes. She talks about how to 'look' through your heart.