Provide the management with a nice report (by department, by age, by sex, by...) about the level of risk on burnout in your company.

We just developped our online burnout survey system.  We are enthousiastic about the possibilities.  In the next months we look for some companies to test it for free.  Feel free to contact us.

You can do the survey, by clicking the 'TEST' button.  Keep in mind that you can 'adapt' the survey to your company by printint the 'brochure', write down the classification questions for your company and sending it to us. 

The 'flyer' gives a quick overview of the possibilities of the onlinesurvey system.  (you can print it out).  You find this information also on this webpage.

The 'brochure' is for you to print it,adapt it and send it to us.   Each company has different departments, and  other classification systems they want to apply.  

We can do the sending of invitations to your employees for you.  If you like, we give you a login.  By following the 'tutorial' you send the email invitations/reminders yourself.   The easy report system gives you the opportunity to make nice chart report.

Burnout enquiry system


Provide your management with a detailed report on burnout-risk in your company, with charts showing risk on burnout in different groups.
The best way is to test the enquiry not directly on the complete company but on a smaller group.

Easy way to select results for groups of employees

In the screenshot you see the selection screen.  In the sample survey we ask the employee some questions to categorize him.   In the sample survey we ask sex, department, age, type of work, education.   We provide you a brochure (see the button above) where you can specify your own classification.   This nice and easy selection possibility gives you the opportunity to generate nice report for the management: you can easily detect groups of persons who have more risk to burnout problems.   

We use the widespread Limesurvey system, used by many universities


We can provide you a login on our survey-system, provide you an adapted copy of the survey for your company, so you can enter the email-addresses by yourself.  With the built-in report system, you can easily try to determine the groups of persons with the highest risk on burnout.


We use the ‘Copenhagen Burnout Inventory’ questions.


Our burnout enquiry system is in three languages (English, Dutch, and French) and can be adapted to other languages.


The survey is anonymous.  We find privacy the most important.  (We use the widespread Limesurvey system, used by many universities).



Direct Individual Result


After filling in the survey, each employee will directly see his score on burnout.  

Standard three languages

The system can easily be adapted for more languages.


First group of questions used to classify persons

Classifying persons is useful to generate charts per group.  The more classifying possibilities you add, the more you will be able afterwards to identify groups with burnout problems.   You can always propose other classification questions.   (You know the best your company).


We already have classification by sex, age, department, kind of job and education.

Because no two companies are the samen, we provide you with a brochure to specify the type of classification you want.


Second group of questions: The Copenhagen Burnout Inventory

The employee will get 19 questions to determine his degree of burnout on three scales.

See all the questions at


Third group of screens: immediate feedback to the employee   

Next group of screens

Do you need some help?
Fifth kind of questions: possible sources of stress at work

You can easily adapt the listed topics with the aid of the accompanying brochure/or decide not to use this kind of questions.

Feel free to test the enquiry on


This screen is just to test.   The automatic system to send emails, collect answers, generate report is only accessible on demand.  We can do the work for you, you only have to indicate which modifications you want and provide us with a list of emails (if you want that your users receive the email in the right language, must specify for each email the appropriate language.).


Or, if you wish more control, we make a special user on our system and give it to someone at your work.  We will make a special survey for you (this is a bit complicated, so we do it for you).  Then, you can enter the emails yourself (you can load a file, or enter them separately).   After that, you can send emails, send reminders, and see results classified by the classifications you have given to us.


If you have questions, please call 016473347 and ask for Anne-Marie Frisque